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JeuDerm is a cosmeceutical skincare line with pioneering bio-technologies from Korea and Europe.

Created by biochemists, checked by dermatologists.

All formulas of JeuDerm skincare are developed and tested by one development team consisting of group of  biochemists, dermatologists, and estheticians. 

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JeuDerm takes part in various specialized Exhibitions and Congresses for Dermatologists and Cosmetologists around the World.

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JeuDerm consists in wide range of professional products for many skin problems, such as acne, atopic dermatitis, aging, hair loss and others.

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Beauty is like being comfortable in your skin.

JeuDerm is a modern, profitable and convenient solution for successful work of Cosmetologists, Dermatologists and Skin Specialists.



Jeuderm Yuversity Academy is aimed at estheticians and professionals in the sector who wish to invest in their professional development and expand their skill set, responding to the growing demand for professionalism and differentiation.


It combines dermatological, manual, cosmetological, technological, and marketing competencies with commercial knowledge related to the management of a beauty institute, aiming to train excellent aesthetic professionals.



  • Therapeutic and preventive action
    JeuDerm is Advanced Medical Skincare with therapeutic and preventive effect. It is tandem of cosmetology and pharmacology. This is a high-tech, dermatologically tested, hypoallergenic skincare with aesthetic and medicinal properties. It solves various skin problems, heals it, improves the aesthetic appearance and has a preventive effect. Prevents skin aging at the cellular level, protects against adverse environmental factors.
  • Best choice of skin professionals
    JeuDerm medical skincare fully meet the needs of the Skin Professionals and homecare for patients. The education for specialists, training and information are continuously provided. Protocols for the use, combination with hardware techniques and massage techniques have been developed. These are techniques that allow Doctors to "stop time", make it possible to better protect the skin from aging, keep the skin flawless and health.
  • JeuDerm is created by a team of Scientists and Doctors
    JeuDerm is a “Full production cycle” brand: its own scientific laboratory. All formulas are developed by scientists-biochemists, technologists-professionals in the field of production of skincare and pharmaceutical products. These are world-famous scientists: Soung Min-Gyu Professor of Biochemistry, Lee Song-Gil Professor of Biochemistry, Kim Yuong-Dae Professor of Biochemistry (South Korea). JeuDerm skincare have been tested for the effectiveness and safety by Korean doctors from Chungnam National University, also with the participation of Ph.D Olisova O., Ph.D, MD Snarskaya E. -the head of Dermatology department of Medical University by Sechenov. Using knowledge, experience and modern technologies, the JeuDerm brand is created with maximum efficiency!
  • Peptide therapy concept
    The main active complex is specially selected peptides. The best developments of recent years! Clinically proven peptides. Syn®-Ake, Oligo-AWP, Matrixyl, Acnotide ™ -, Demelaxyl ™ and other peptides detailed in the JeuDerm Ingredient Catalog.
  • Unique Exosomes, PDRN and Prebiotics line for skin health
    JeuDerm keeps healthy microflora on the skin surface! Billions of bacteria live on the skin. They perform the useful function: protect the skin from adverse environmental factors, allergens, pathogenic bacteria, and support the skin's immunity. When the skincare with prebiotics are applied, bacteria on the skin surface continue to exist normally, enhancing the protective function of the skin.
  • Precise, tested and proven concentration of active ingredientes
    JeuDerm medical skincare contains a high concentration of active ingredients for fast and long-lasting effects. The composition, concentration and amount of active ingredients are indicated in the specifications.
  • Nanotechnology for deep penetration of active ingredients
    The real action at the level of the dermis and overcoming the basement membrane barrier is transdermal emulsions. Their action is not limited to just skin care and protection, they really solve the problems of acquired cosmetic defects. JeuDerm team created using an innovative development - a proprietary transdermal osmosis technology. These are finely dispersed nanoemulsions based on liposomes with incorporated biologically active substances. Such delivery systems are capable of penetrating into the deep layers of the skin and intracellularly.
  • Clinical research and R&D
    The skincare line ACNOCELL (acne treatment), MY ATO (care for dry, sensitive, atopic skin), Hair Genesis (hair loss treatment) have undergone successful clinical trials at Korean Dermatology Center at Chungnam National University and at the Skin Diseases Clinic of the Moscow State Medical University named by Sechenov.
  • Maximum efficiency and wide product range
    A wide range of all-season peels, products for individually selected cosmetic procedures. A noticeable result after 1 application, even with sensitive skin, and prolonged effect. "Pioneers" in the production of sterile monodose PPS (post procedure, post plastic surgery care)
  • Neccesary Organoleptic Properties
    Pleasant fragrance, Easy for application, Fast absorption, No stickiness
  • Airless and convenient package for Professionals and homecare
    The use of airless packaging for homecare creams allows you to minimize the use of preservatives and significantly extend their shelf life. Due to airless packaging, there is no contact with the air and light. Under these conditions, the possibility of bacterial growth is reduced by more than 90% compared to packaging exposed to air, light and direct contact. Airless packaging protects active substances (antioxidants, oils, extracts) from oxidation and prevents emulsion delimination. Airless packaging uses the principle of dividing the inner cavity to squeeze out the contents. When the inner diaphragm moves inside the bottle, pressure is created, and during this time the contents are in a vacuum state close to 100%. The contents remain sealed in the air chamber until the next pump. Such packaging will not lose a single gram of the product, the inner disc scrapes every last drop of the product from the walls of bottle. Another plus of airless packaging is the correct dosage of the product. The vacuum dispenser delivers a small amount to eliminate unnecessary consumption. High-quality plastic does not interact with cosmetics, does not change its composition.
  • Price and Quality
    The price and quality ratio is an important indicator of the benefits of purchasing cosmeceutical skincare. Quality is the main thing! The price is dictated by the market. The products fully comply with the declared characteristics. The best quality is achieved by using special raw materials and technologies that are not available in cheap products. By investing in quality cosmetics, you will save money by getting fast, safe results and customer appreciation.


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